Affordable SME and Start-Up Marketing Tips

Part One

Nowadays, the growing competition in almost all businesses makes it vital to find an affordable way to market your brand. There are several affordable ways to showcase the services and products you offer to prospective customers.

Interestingly, delivering top notch services and products to your customers doesn’t necessarily guarantee they’ll become repeat clients. Neither does it guarantee referral for your business to other potential customers. You have to keep promoting your business to earn new leads and keep your previous clients coming back. Business promotions can take your business to the top spot and keep it there.

Offline Tips

Here are a few offline tips of things you can do to promote your business and gain loyal customers;

  1.  Flyers: Also known popularly as ‘handbill‘, a flyer is one of the trendy methods of promoting your business offline. Your flyer should contain little insights about your business and give discounts or promo offers to your prospective clients. Without a doubt, this is a good way to entice them to patronize you. You can easily design and print your flyers online at print.kwatri.com and have it delivered to you anywhere in Abuja within 48 hours.
  2. Business Cards: Your business card usually gives the first impression about your business. Hence, the importance of a well designed business card can’t be over emphasized. Your business card can speak for you when you don’t have the opportunity to speak about it in person physically. At print.kwatri.com, we have a variety of business cards templates online to pick from and customize to your taste, or you can request for a bespoke design. We deliver jobs to Kaduna, Kano, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Lagos and other cities in Nigeria.
  3. Personalized paper bags (Carrier Bags): Paper bag is an affordable way to brand your business. After packaging your product, you will want to give it to your client in a handy branded carrier bag. People get to view the bags wherever the customer carries it to. It is an effective marketing medium for the business owner. Ensure that your bag is beautifully designed and made of good quality. Your customers will most likely re-use it severally for that reason. Thereby getting you more views for free. Contact print.kwatri.com for the best well made and designed paper bags.
  4. Branded Wrappers: You might say it is way cheaper to use unbranded wraps to package your goods before handing it to your client. You may also be thinking it is just something that will be torn and thrown away. Certainly, that may be true. However, your prospective clients are moved by what they see and you can’t always tell who the package is meant for; especially for orders placed online. As long as you have your branded wrapper on it, it will always make an impression to everyone who comes across it, and that promotes your brand. If someone comes across your brand’s name once or twice, he or she will feel like they know your company already. They will feel comfortable to patronize your business because they have seen your delivered products.
  5. Souvenirs: Making beautiful handy souvenirs, and giving it out to clients as gifts when they patronize your business, usually makes them come back because they feel appreciated by you. Furthermore, apart from you appreciating your clients with souvenirs, it turns to a little form of advert to all the people who come in contact with your client and see the souvenirs they get from doing business with you. Feel free to contact print.kwatri.com to get souvenirs like pens, notepads, jotters, bookmarks, towels, travel mugs, etc., customized and designed for you at an affordable price.

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