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Basic Rules OF Financial Freedom

Basic Rules OF Financial Freedom

Financial education through basic rules of finance, is the key that opens the door to living a happy, successful and fulfilling life. Currently, in today’s world, the nature of work you do does not really matter; whether you are an athlete, a business man, or you serve in the military. Why? Because there is one string that attaches them all together and that is “Money”. Imagine a world without money, life would not be the same and most businesses, companies, firms and even other government institutions would not be up and running. Inevitably, money has been the driving force in life for thousands of years. It has been the means of exchange for services, products and other transactions.

We all grow up paying bills, and being paid for what we do and the service we offer. Ultimately, what personal financial education gives you, is the ability to learn how to manage your hard-earned money, and invest it into your future, to give you a stress-free financial life. For that reason, here are some basic financial instructions on how to use your monetary resources:


  1. Build a Budget

A budget sheet can be used as a tool to keep accountability of your spending on check, it is most effective when you build a budget correctly, according to your income or savings. Importantly, the valuable part of is when you build it based on looking at your actual spending over the previous months and also use its analysis to help you plan your spending over the next months, or years depending on financial status.


  1. Spend less than you earn

This is a general rule that applies to every single individual in the world. Money earned must always be put into good use to avoid regret. One of the worst decisions any one can make is to actually spend more than they earn. Essentially, you must learn how to spend less than your income and put away the difference for the future. So that you can thrive even when you don’t have the opportunities and energy of today. It is a compulsory rule to follow if you plan on having big financial goals in your life and in the future.


  1. Create a financial plan

It may be shocking, but not everyone has a clearly laid out financial plan. Investing without a financial plan is a recipe for disaster which leads to this basic question, “How can someone invest without having these basic facts?”. Wealthy people have a clearly laid out financial plan that is updated on a regular basis. Fundamentally, to be counted among the rich and successful, you must clearly take action. Follow this financial rule by creating a financial plan for your life.


Finally, do not just read and stop. Take action day by applying these principles and begin to forge a clear path to financial freedom. Best of luck.


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