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Character is made up of specific traits or qualities that determine how we respond to events, situations and circumstances of our life. Consequently, it is a manifestation of the inner reality. It is the outcome of the real-life of an individual’s effort to express himself. Typically, each of us as individuals have some qualities that are positive and some negative, some stronger and others weaker.

Thus, it is those traits that determine how we will respond in any given situation. For instance, a person with a character quality of “endurance” will keep on going even when the “going gets tough” instead of giving up.

Generally, it is our character that determines our success in life. However, that doesn’t mean that good people will always experience more success than bad people.

Here, we have highlighted some traits that can lead to success in life. These include;

  1. Honesty
  2. Integrity
  3. Dependability
  4. Enthusiasm
  5. Loyalty

Presently, there is nothing more valuable to any team or company than people of good character. These type of people hold traits within themselves that separates them from others. On several occasions, the weakness of a single character has damaged relationships, businesses, opportunities etc.

As humans, we can intentionally seek to build good character qualities in our lives, families, businesses, organisations to which we belong and in the world at large.

Currently, the world faces many difficult problems; escalating crime, drug and alcohol abuse, workplace violence, gang activities, vandalism etc. These vices can be significantly curbed if we all demonstrate the right characters at all times.

 In conclusion, it is evident that societal change begins with our characters as individuals. Therefore, let us make sure to cultivate the best characters that we can, to make our businesses, community and the world at large a better place.

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