printer problems and solutions

Common printer problems and solutions

Printing is a relatively easy technology when you understand the knowhow and everything functions properly. Just like all other technologies, it develops minor faults sometimes and requires an operator who can fix it, without seeking the aid of a technician. Needless to say, it is quite frustrating when you send a document to the printer and it doesn’t print it as expected or worse, at all.

Here are some common printer problems and some DIY solutions you can apply to attempt fixing it yourself;


  1. Computer cannot find printer:

It is really annoying to plug your printer and suddenly your computer doesn’t recognize it, here are some quick troubleshooting you can do to fix it;

  • Make sure the printer is turned on. If it isn’t, turn it on.
  • Try rebooting your computer and also restart the printer by turning it off from the socket.
  • Check printer and scanner settings to see if printer is properly installed. If you can’t find your current printer installed, then you will need to install it from the provided disk or check online for the correct printer software driver. Download it and install.
  • If your computer doesn’t recognize that a hardware has been plugged in, check that your printer connecting cable is working properly. Get a replacement cable if you sense a glitch while testing each ends of the cable.


  1. Slow Printing

One common printer problem is slow printing; printer takes long time to print little regular office documents. This is normally caused by printer settings or low memory.

If you need to print documents that don’t require details of any sort, I will suggest you go to printer properties and select fast print or standard print. This will enable the printer print faster and save you ink. If after you change settings and it is still slow, it means you are printing a pretty heavy document for the printer to handle and you need to upgrade your system memory and probably upgrade your printer.


  1. Paper Jams

This is a very common problem associated with almost all printers. Paper jam is usually a two-way problem. The first is that paper gets stuck in your printer’s rollers. While the second is that the rollers of your printer draw two or more sheets at the same time.

You can solve this problem by inspecting the paper path and remove all the jammed material. Take out the stuck paper straight without tearing it.

A misaligned paper can cause jam as well. To resolve this issue, remove the tray and position the paper correctly. Also, ensure the type or grammage of paper is supported by your printer.

If your printer still jams, you need to call in a professional.  Be certain your printer rollers are checked and possibly replaced.


  1. Bad looking Prints

Even if the printer is operating perfectly, the final product may sometimes look terrible. Poor quality of image may make the appearance unprofessional and sloppy.

In order to make the printing quality better, follow one of the steps below:

  • Make sure print driver have correct paper or media selected.
  • Check whether toner cartridges and fuser is in order.
  • In order to eliminate smudge marks, print few blank sheets and it will eventually fade away.


The next time you encounter these common printer problems, just try out the solutions above.

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