Design Terms & Conditions


– We will provide you with ‘two design options‘ after your design request has been placed (FREE OF CHARGE), alongside a ‘quote‘ for the design fee.

– We will provide you with the two design options after ‘two working days’ from your order placement date, after which you will select your preferred design from the options provided.

– Payment MUST be made after a design option has been selected/ approved by the customer.

– We will provide you with a maximum of ‘three alteration requests’ on your selected design option after payment has been made.

– Additional change requests will attract extra charges.

– Payment MUST be made before any additional ‘alteration request’ will be attended to.

– We will deliver your final design file in .jpeg format, or any other requested format.


– Design services are billed separately from printing services.

– Design time is not inclusive of print production time.

– Our minimum design fee is N5,000 and varies upwardly depending on the complexity of the design

– We make use of ‘Free Stock Images’ for standard designs.

– For a completely Bespoke Design; customers MUST provide their own contents/ images or PAY for contents/ images purchased online (separate from design fee), to avoid copyright infringements on their designs.

– Payment for graphic design services are non-refundable.