Mental Toughness

Mental toughness

Mental toughness
This is a hard concept to explain until you see it. However, it is obvious when you see a person that has it. It’s not an inborn DNA trait rather, it is developed.
Mental toughness is having the psychological edge that allows a person perform at peak effort and efficiency regardless of the demands placed on them.
Have you ever wondered what makes someone a good leader, athlete or parent? Most people will say ‘Intelligence’, but it has nothing to do with that. Intelligence only accounts for about 30% of all achievements. Research has shown that mental toughness plays a vital role than anything else in achieving goals in business, health and life generally.
In every area of life; from education, work, health, etc. It is the amount of grit and perseverance that dictates one’s level of success, than any other factor. Arguably, this means that talent is overrated.
Mental toughness consists of strength, flexibility, resiliency, sportsmanship, responsiveness and ethics among others. Some factors that play a major role in mental toughness are goal setting, self-motivation, positive thinking and foresight. 
Mentally strong people exhibit distinct habits. Such as the following:
Taking calculated risks: They see life as a daring adventure by stepping outside their comfort zone to seek opportunities that will aid them in achieving their goals. 
●Learning from mistakes: Rather than beating themselves up for their mistakes, they accept full responsibility for their errors and learn positively from the experience. 
●Accepting challenges: They see challenges as the cost for greatness by not allowing it define their future in a pessimistic way. They view every adversity as an 
opportunity to grow stronger.
●Practicing gratitude: by focusing on their triumphs rather than their losses.  
●Staying true to values: by keeping their priorities in line with their beliefs.
●Expending mental energy wiselyinstead of complaining about things they cannot change, mentally strong people devote their energy to productive tasks. They don’t waste limited resources such as time and energy on things that are not rewarding.

We at kwatri Print encourage our team members to build mental toughness by reading books, attending seminars and listening to motivational speakers. You can do the same too and without a doubt, you’ll reap the benefits.

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