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Qualities of a good print company

There is more to a good print company than the fee they charge for a job. When you patronize a print company (printer), you are not buying a commodity but you are paying for a chain of services. In this process, you have to be certain you’ve got the right printer for the job.


I have been opportune to work with for about two years and I have come across different clients with diverse ideas, taste and budget to execute their print jobs. From my experiences working with clients, I have decided to highlight the qualities they expect from a Good Printer.

  1. Quality:

    A good printer will always work hard to give you the best quality job available in the market. They make sure they check details that the client might not be looking out for. At, we pay strong attention to details, that is a standard we don’t compromise. While undergoing training, I learnt to always pay attention to details. I have had some of my finished production destroyed and reprinted, because of tiny errors I thought will go unnoticed. The quality of a good print job needs to always be spot on and it should speak for itself.

  2. Price:

    Offering the best print job can be pretty expensive. Nevertheless, a good printer will find a way to make it affordable for the client. He should be able to find efficient cost saving alternatives for the client to fit their budget. Some clients want high end print job with little budget, you should help them find a way around it. However, if you are certain you can’t work with the budget without compromising your standards down, it’s best to decline the project. (Remember Quality comes first)

  3. Customer Service:

    When making deliveries to clients, we get feedbacks such as; “Thank you for not disappointing me”, or “Thank you for delivering on time”. It makes me believe that they must have faced disappointments from other printers at some point or other businesses. A good printer takes every client and job serious, regardless of how small it might be. You must attend to every customer with good welcoming manner; be it enquiry, complaints or print order. You know the phrase “Customers are always right”, Yes! Customers are always right with

  4. Trust:

    When clients come to you to handle a print job for them, they are trusting you to handle it for them as if the job is yours. What our client don’t know is that at, we take on every clients order and treat it as ours. We recognize the privilege we have in executing a print order. Therefore, we give them a reason to continue trusting and relying on us. A good printer builds on the trust the client has given.

  5. Technical Knowledge:

    A good printer stays current with the technicalities involved in the printing business. For example; understanding the effect of laminating just one side of a paper or not laminating at all. Knowing how to measure bleed margins or other finishing specifications to mention a few. Understanding the technicalities of a printing project will help you suggest appropriate solutions for clients with ambiguous print requirements.

  6. Paper Types:

    A print company without the knowledge of papers is not a print company but a disaster to the society. It is that serious. A printer should know the different types of papers, coated and uncoated. Also, a good printer should know the thickness requirements that suits a print job amongst other specifications. Consequently, this knowledge will result in making the best suggestion to customers.

  7. Digital Capability:

    We live in a digital world now. Today, many things have become computerized and printing is certainly not left behind. Therefore, the use of technology is inevitable if you’re to remain relevant in this ever evolving world. A good printing company should have a design department digitally placed to design or redesign a client’s job, and send it to them online for preview. A customer support representative should be able to interpret the needs of a client without physically meeting the client. Subsequently, having a website is a must. Also, providing reliable assistance on social media platforms is essential.

  8. Delivery:

    Clients want to get their jobs at the comfort of their homes or offices, and a good print company ensures the deliveries are done within the scheduled time frame. Regardless of the fact that is located in the capital city of Nigeria (FCT, Abuja), we make deliveries nationwide. States and cities such as Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Zaria, Minna and Kaduna are some amongst the many we deliver to. To qualify as a good printer, you must be able to deliver at the right time and in the right location.

A good and reliable print company proffers solutions with the client’s best interest at heart. They strive hard to give their customers a good print experience and uphold the brand’s reputation.

In conclusion, I’ll suggest this. On your next print order, be sure to look out for these qualities in your prospective printer. I assure you, when you find them, you’ll get your print order delivered to your expectations.

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